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How To Shop For Beauty Brands That Support The Same Causes That You Do

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Hasina Khatib

Social activism was once considered the remit of placard-wielding activists, but we now know that changing the world isn’t an impossible task—each one of us can contribute towards making the world a better place by simply choosing to become more conscious with our choices. And if you are looking for newer ways to support the causes that you are passionate about, it pays to shop for brands that are aligned with your values.

Here, we take a look at all the beauty brands that go the extra mile beyond CSR objectives to truly make a difference.

If you are passionate about children welfare

The pandemic has impacted every walk of life in immeasurable ways but there is no denying that it has been especially challenging for children who have lost their parents or primary caregivers during the crisis. The Body Shop India, founded by activist Anita Roddick, has been using its platform as a force for good by teaming up with Miracle Foundation India to offer education and vital healthcare to affected children, including school supplies, coaching and tutor support, internet connectivity for online learning, timely medical tests and prescriptions, and access to emergency healthcare.

If you want to do more for animal conservation

If animal welfare is important to you, it pays to direct your attention towards homegrown brand Faith & Patience. In order to address the mounting concerns around camel extinction in Rajasthan, the label has tied up with a non-governmental organisation, Camel Charishma. Together, the duo is working on ethical sourcing of camel milk and creating better income opportunities for the Reika community herders in Rajasthan.

If you are looking to empower the women of tomorrow

…it helps to start young by supporting the girl child from an early age. Further efforts to that end are being taken by asa beauty, a label promoting a clean and sustainable approach to makeup. The brand has also been employing newer ways to give back by teaming up with The Naz Foundation India. The association is aimed at empowering adolescent women belonging to disadvantaged backgrounds by offering access to sport-based learning as well as programmes for the development of life skills.

If sustainable sourcing is important to you

As sustainability becomes more than just the marketing buzzword du jour, we are now employing an eco-conscious approach to all stages of the production chain, starting from the sourcing of ingredients. Forest Essentials is heedful of the fact as well, and has been sourcing its ingredients from local farmers with environmentally-sound farming practices. The two-pronged approach also focuses on economic empowerment by offering employment opportunities and long-term self-sustenance for women.

If you are looking to reduce pollution

The beauty industry’s environmental footprint is a sizable one, driven by the use-and-dispose nature of products. In a bid to take pressure off landfills, WOW Skin Science has introduced a first-of-its-kind face wash tube crafted entirely out of recycled virgin kraft paper. At the end of its lifecycle, the tube will disintegrate more easily than its plastic alternatives, thereby bringing you one step closer to reducing the carbon footprint of your beauty routine.