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These 17 Indian Skincare Brands Are Redefining The Luxury Beauty And Wellness Industry

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Naina Atri

Over the past few years, Indian brands have proved that their ingenuity and technology are of a competitive quality worthy of the global market. Now more than ever, the Indian consumer prefers home-grown products. This preference isn’t just an attempt to support the ‘Made in India’ tag but is rooted in the simple fact that Indian products are just as good and most likely more affordable than their imported counterparts.

In the luxury skincare market, home-grown brands are quickly raising the scales of success and are coming at par with global giants. Thanks to the varities of climate, skin tones, lifestyles and diets, these skincare products are better equipped to understand this heterogeneity of the personal luxury space, without compromising on formulas and aesthetics.

Best Skincare Brands in India

These Indian skincare brands we’re about to introduce you to marry modern and luxe innovations with a nuanced appreciation for the Indian skin, thus bringing indulgent experiences to the comfort of your own home.


If you’re someone who has constant breakouts, you know how important it is to not load your face with products that could potentially harm your skin. Formulated and manufactured in South Korea, D’you is a brand that believes in conscious consumption and gives great importance to what goes in its products. An absolute multitasker with 11 active ingredients, the D’you Hustle face serum is a must-have in your skincare closet. Loved by everyone from the skincare community, this all-in-one serum is a game-changer when it comes to minimal skincare. Their main brand focus is to ditch the 10-step skincare routine and opt for one product that does all the work. This serum is a blessing for people with dry to combination skin types as it packs in a good amount of hydration without making your skin feel sticky.


Skincare that is dermatologically approved is quite important and Re’equil is that one brand that takes it very seriously. With a wide range of skincare as well as hair care products, Re’equil offers products for every concern. Since the products are formulated by scientists and dermatologically tested, the brand has created a reliable consumer base in a short period. Two of their most popular products, Ultra Matte Dry Touch Sunscreen Gel and Fruit AHA Face Wash are recommended by most skincare experts.

Juicy Chemistry

One of the most loved homegrown skincare brands, Juicy Chemistry sets itself apart with its affordable organic range of products. Made out of 100 percent certified organic ingredients, the brand focuses on creating a healthy and natural skincare experience. Face care, hair care and body care, Juicy Chemistry has products for every concern and for everyone. They also offer personalised assistance on their website for those who want to build their skincare regime from scratch. But two of the standout products in their skincare line have to be their Frankincense and Hemp Organic Facial Oil and Australian Tea Tree and Basil Hydrosol Mist that works wonders on acne-prone and dry skin.


If you’re in search of a hair care brand that truly takes care of your hair and skin, without damaging it even further, Arata is the one for you. A brand for everyone, Arata has a unique range of hair and skincare products. From cleansing sulphate-free shampoos to green tea serum, Arata focuses on a genderless product range that opens up an inclusive space in the skincare community. The brand uses organic ingredients and steers clear from harmful chemicals.

Kama Ayurveda

Sustainable, socially motivated and cruelty-free, Kama Ayurveda is decadent skincare at its finest. The brand has carved its own space in the international market and, for years, people have been ardently invested in each launch. For nearly two decades, Kama Ayurveda has been leading the Ayurveda-made movement. Its skincare philosophy is focused on healing using the earth’s elements and advanced technology. Kama’s Kumkumadi Miraculous Beauty Fluid and the Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment are time-tested products that have a loyal following. If you want to try one of their new innovations, their aromatic Pure Neroli Water is perfect for hydrating and toning your skin.

Dr Sheth’s

Dr. Sheth’s products are often found doing rounds on our favourite skin-care influencers’ Instagram accounts and as a homegrown brand, it definitely deserves its time in the spotlight. Founder Dr. Aneesh Sheth, trained in pharmacy and formulation, comes from a legacy of leading skincare experts and it’s no wonder that he realised that Indian skincare was deeply lacking in research that was specifically targeted to the subcontinent. The brand has been instrumental in helping Indians understand their own skin. In the midst of a culture of toxic colourism, Dr. Sheth’s celebrates melanin, encourages people to care for their skin and, in the process, fall in love with their skin.

Forest Essentials

By tapping into the riches of India’s ancient wisdom, Forest Essentials has firmly established itself as a frontrunner in the luxe wellness space. People’s love and attachment to the brand comes from the full sensory experience it provides—its packaging is stunning; the products all have a luxurious fragrance, and the brand is ethically conscious, as well. The empowerment of women and taking care of its employees and the environment are as important to Forest Essentials as the tenets of Ayurvedic philosophy. With their Energising Sports Kit or mask-friendly lip products, Forest Essentials has proven that Ayurveda is not a relic from a bygone era. Their recently released natural make-up line is perfect for that luminous, fresh-faced look, while also enriching your skin with nourishing ingredients.


For Purearth, beauty is conscious wellness. Pure, gentle, natural and serene, its products combine luxury with an ardent passion for ethical skincare. Instead of promising quick fixes, Purearth offers slow and artisanal formulations, developed in their zero-waste laboratories with ingredients sourced from the Himalayas. Its commitment to the ecology is found in initiatives like the Pure Purpose Foundation, which focuses on social impact, and the Recycling Programme, through which it collects empty product containers and plants a tree for each jar or bottle collected. Founded by Kavita Khosa, the brand also works to help local producers gain a firm footing in urban markets. Award-winning and decadent products from the brand include their Body Polish, Body Butter and Illumine Elixir Supercritical Face Oil.

Pahadi Local

Pahadi Local’s vision is to augment luxury in the simplicity of its products—the ingredients for which are sourced from the Himalayas—while ensuring a cooperative and sustainable business. Founder Jessica Jayne believes that there is no need to look for high-end experiences beyond local natural environments. A variety of teas, oils, and powdered face washes, Pahadi Local caters to all your wellness needs. Don’t miss out on their collaboration with Good Earth, a trusted luxury retailer, and the Pen and Ink series, conceptualised with artist and interior designer Usha Hooda.

Conscious Chemist

The three Cs of Conscious Chemist—Create, Care and Clean—underlie each product. The brand creatively brings together science and ‘Mother Earth’ to innovate botanical skincare. Though environmentally conscious, only ingredients with rigorous empirical testing are used. Even the packaging combines ethical concerns with scientific ones—Conscious Chemist uses only tinted glass bottles to be as sustainable as possible and to protect products from UV radiation. Its Matcha+Hemp Ritual Cleanser and Indulge Facial Cream are favourites among ‘skintellecutals’.

Daughter Earth

Plant-based and conscious of uplifting those at the grassroots, Daughter Earth’s products are developed through the fusion of modern science and Ayurveda. Using cutting-edge technology, the skincare brand makes wild alchemy contemporary, after rigorous testing, so users get the best of both worlds. It’s cruelty-free, only uses recyclable packaging, and is invested in the education of the girl child. Daughter Earth also works with organisations equally concerned about the earth, like the World Wildlife Fund and Plan India. Its rejuvenating serum and phytonutrient moisturiser have received a lot of love and are worth adding to your skincare routine.

Kal Hans

Kal Hans wants its customers to have healthy, glowing skin along with the confidence to accept that no skin is perfect and doesn’t need to be. Instead of promising the attainment of unrealistic standards of beauty, the label promises to help you in your journey to nourished and happy skin, flaws included. This brand philosophy is deeply personal to founder Lisa D’Mello—an accident that left her with scars, mental and bodily, led her to realise that to be beautiful requires self-love. Our bodies do so much for us, and they deserve our thanks. Kal Hans endeavours to bottle this gratitude in their natural and vegan products. Its Rejuvenate and Repair Serum is widely popular among those looking for radiant and dewy skin.


This home-grown and family-run brand is on a mission to reaffirm the science and efficacy of natural skincare. Non-toxic Neemli caters to a variety of skin types and needs, not only through their products but also through their personal consultative services. For Neemli, true beauty is unfiltered, and this obviously resonates with their customers; after all, their ‘No Filter Beauty’ line is a fan favourite. Fun fact: though Neemli is headquartered in Mumbai, they actually began selling products at a flea market in Goa.

RAS Luxury Oils

One of India’s leading farm-to-face skincare brands, RAS Luxury Oils seeks to bring the pleasures of aromatherapy to skincare. Using nature as its guide, the brand has its own research lab and farm to develop organic products. It was co-founded by mother-daughter duo Sangeeta and Shubhika Jain, who believe facial oils to be elixir-like concoctions that give the skin a healthy glow. Used with the brand’s hydrating mists and beauty tools, like the Internet’s current obsession, the Gua Sha stone, RAS’ facial oils promise to nourish and energise your skin.

Indulgeo Essentials

Indulgeo Essentials is another organic, luxe skincare brand that’s been founded by a mother-daughter duo—Seema Arora and Supriya Malik. The two believe that if looked closely enough, one can find remedies for skin concerns in nature, making skincare routines uncomplicated and gratifying. The products are made of fine, raw ingredients carefully blended to ensure quality and results. Indulgeo Essentials’ Volcanic Night Oil, Rejuvenating Eye Serum and Squalene Skin Hydrator have been consistent bestsellers and are perfect examples of the brand’s ethos.

Zahara Skincare

Formulated and ideated in the context of founder Zahara Nedou’s Kashmiri background, Zahara Skincare modernises age-old Middle Eastern and Indian recipes and techniques. Fast-paced lives make it difficult to invest the time required to stay true to traditional regimens, so the brand caters to that desire of having a luxurious routine that fits neatly into time-bound lives. With their face packs, serums, oils and scrubs, Zahara provides exquisite experiences that translate the goodness of the ingredients into your skin.