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Salva Mubarak

Senior Features Writer

Salva Mubarak is a writer who hasn’t met a KitKat she didn’t like (yet). In her free time, she loves to read books, paint, and binge watch movies and TV shows. Her other hobbies include reviewing movies online to an audience of four (seven on good days), painting her nails an outrageous colour and then painting them back to a sensible beige, and watching ASMR videos online.

Workplace stress

Feeling Overwhelmed At Work? You Might Have ‘Workplace Vertigo’

Raise your hand if you’ve felt a swell of negative emotion every time you’ve been intentionally (or unintentionally) overlooked at work or if you’ve felt that you’re being saddled with unfair workloads. As it turns out, you might be suffering from ‘workplace vertigo’. Coined by Dan L. Shapiro, director of the Harvard International Negotiation Progr

Puma and Adidas Sneakers

These Stylish Sneakers Will Brighten Up Any Dull Morning

If you find your mood mirroring the grey and chilly mornings that January is bringing with each day. We might have the perfect fix for you. A pair of bright and vibrant sneakers that will lift your spirits right up. Just like how dopamine decor will never fail to put a smile on your face, these colourful sneakers will brighten up dull mornings and

'Emily In Paris'

Everything We Know About ‘Emily In Paris’ Season 4

If you, like us, have been waiting to go on more adventures with Emily (and the gang) in Paris, then there’s good news for you. A fourth season of Emily In Paris is on its way and it promises to answer all the pressing questions left behind by the explosive season finale of the last season. The divisive show that had people online gushing and fumin

Marry My Husband (2024)

6 Park Min-young Shows To Watch If You Love ‘Marry My Husband’

Any K-drama fan worth their salt would have watched at least one show from Park Min-young’s impressive filmography. Ever since her debut in 2006, Park Min-young has delivered compelling performances in K-dramas across genres. Now the actress has managed to capture the hearts of the masses yet again with her series Marry My Husband. Based on a popul

Couple in love

New Study Claims ‘Head Over Heels’ Love Is A Real Thing

Recently a song from Shah Rukh Khan’s Dunki verbalised the universally felt confusion of why we tend to behave differently when we’re in love. Why is it that suddenly, all we can think about is that one person? A group of researchers from Australia might have the answer to all the questions posed by SRK in ‘Lutt Putt Gaya’ and countless other songs

BVLGARI Serpenti 75 Years of Infinite Tales Exhibition - Photocall

Blackpink’s Lisa Is Joining ‘The White Lotus’ Season 3 Cast

Blackpink fans, gather around! Lisa is officially going to make her acting debut with HBO’s award-winning series The White Lotus’ upcoming third season. After launching her own label LLOUD, the rapper is adding another feather on her cap. Lisa will be the third Blackpink member, after Jennie and Jisoo, to foray into acting. According to Variety, Li