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Salva Mubarak

Senior Features Writer

Salva Mubarak is a writer who hasn’t met a KitKat she didn’t like (yet). In her free time, she loves to read books, paint, and binge watch movies and TV shows. Her other hobbies include reviewing movies online to an audience of four (seven on good days), painting her nails an outrageous colour and then painting them back to a sensible beige, and watching ASMR videos online.


6 Things I Learnt About AP Dhillon While Watching His Docuseries

AP Dhillon: First Of A Kind has finally released on Amazon Prime Video, after all the week-long anticipation built by our main man dishing out free concerts and becoming the guest-of-hour in a room full of the who’s who of Bollywood. It was back in 2020, when ‘Brown Munde’ was released and became a mainstay in our playlists. Since then, AP Dhillon


Everything We Know About BTS’ V’s Solo Album ‘Layo(V)er’

Ever since BTS announced their hiatus, their massive fanbase aka ARMY have been kept on their toes with solo album releases, festival stages, documentaries on Disney + Hotstar, book release, and reality show appearances. Most members like RM, Suga, J-Hope, and Jimin have now ventured into doing their own thing. And now, it’s V’s turn to release his

New Shows You Should Watch, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

In a world where we have a plethora of OTT content available at our fingertips, it’s become increasingly difficult to decide what to binge-watch next. This often results in rewatching The Office or FRIENDS for the millionth time. If you’ve been relating hard to all of the above, let the stars take the call for you. From dark comedies to thrilling m

Indian Dessert Recipes

Love Indian Desserts? Try These Recipes That Come With A Twist!

India is a country rich with colours, traditions, art and crafts, and more importantly, cuisine. Given the large range and variety of dishes available, the nation is nothing short of a foodie’s paradise. While there is no shortage of delicious savoury dishes, Indian desserts have a special place in the heart of anyone with a sweet tooth. Every hous

Romantic Chinese TV Shows

9 Romantic Chinese TV Shows That Will Make You Swoon

Everybody likes a good romantic story, whether it’s classic rom-coms that we know and love or heartwarming love stories in foreign languages that have gotten so popular over the past few years. After Korean romantic dramas, you need to give Chinese TV shows a chance. The recently released C-drama Hidden Love is making fans open their eyes to a whol


Popular Beaches Around The World Might Be Going Extinct

If you’re someone who gleefully, and often unprompted, announces that you’re a beach person and unironically captions your beach vacation pictures on Instagram with variations of ‘water baby’ or ‘take me back to paradise’, then we’ve got some grave news for you. And for the rest of the world too, but more specifically you. Some of the most popular