Eesha Kulkarni

242 make-up Trends

What’s The 242 Make-Up Rule That’s Taking Over The Internet?

In a world filled with ever-evolving beauty trends and techniques, we all yearn for a little simplicity, don’t we? Enter TikTok’s viral 242 make-up rule, a fuss-free approach that promises to transform your beauty routine. While it might not reinvent the wheel, it’s the perfect recipe for achieving that glowy, natural look in under 10 minutes. So,

Shah Rukh Khan Perfume

Want To Smell As Good As Shah Rukh Khan? Shop His Signature Scents

For years, there has been talk about Shah Rukh Khan having an unforgettable scent to him. It’s almost as if the megastar’s signature perfume has become the stuff of legend, a fragrance so alluring that it leaves his co-stars, past and present, not only raving about it but also wondering what he uses. But before we get into it, let’s talk a little m

Festive Wardrobe

Celebrity-Approved Fashion Picks For Your Festive Wardrobe

Step into the vibrant world of Indian festivities with our curated selection of ethnic wear that’s bound to make you the star of this year’s September celebrations. From sublime kurta sets to mesmerising indo-fusion ensembles, and from breezy saris to the timeless charm of ghararas, our fashion treasure trove has something to cater to every sartori

Washed Denim Eyeshadow Make-up Trend

‘Washed Denim’ Eyeshadow Is Every It-Girl’s Make-up Uniform

In the ever-revolving carousel of beauty trends, the ‘washed denim’ eye make-up is the latest phenomena capturing attention and headlines. And with it, the world has now been blessed with yet another comeback trend from the glorious ’00s era. Picture this: A subtle yet stunning wash of light denim or baby blue eyeshadow, gracing the eyelids and ext

eyebrow products

Elevate Your Beauty Game With These Eyebrow Products

In the realm of beauty, eyebrow products have risen to become the undeniable stars of the show. No longer mere facial features, brows are now the focal point of our make-up routines, capable of defining and accentuating our entire look. Whether you prefer a bold, structured brow or a more natural, feathery arch, the right eyebrow products can make

Thriller Novels

7 Thrilling Novels With The Craziest Plot Twists

Buckle up, fellow bookworms, because we’re about to embark on a journey through the labyrinthine corridors of some of the most mind-bending thriller novels. These books aren’t content with merely keeping you on the edge of your seat; they’re determined to catapult you into a world of jaw-dropping plot twists that will leave your mind reeling. From