Eesha Kulkarni

Adventure Water Parks in Europe

Europe’s Top-Rated Water Parks To Visit On Your Next Adventure

Picture this: you’ve woken up at the crack of dawn, giddy with excitement. Today’s agenda has only one item—a fun-filled day at the water park with the people you love. Fills you with uncontainable nostalgic joy, doesn’t it? Well, the monsoon can put a damper on that kind of happiness, but not if you have a trip to Europe coming up. After months of

cherry cola lips

Cherry Cola Lips Are The Latest 90s Make-Up Trend On The Rise

TikTok has once again unleashed a new beauty sensation, and this time, it’s all about the lips. Move over coffee-inspired ‘Latte Makeup’, because ‘Cherry Cola Lips’ are the latest beverage-driven fixation for over 12.2 million social media make-up aficionados. Drawing inspiration from Lana Del Rey’s sultry Americana vibes and the nostalgic charm of

celebrity-approved beachwear inspo

Celebrity-Approved Beachwear Inspiration For Your Next Holiday

With gloomy skies taking over most cities, beach vacations have become the hottest trend among travellers lately. Our favourite Bollywood celebrities are no exceptions, as their Instagram feeds are currently overflowing with envy-inducing sun-kissed snaps from exotic destinations. And while we love the breathtaking backdrops, it’s their super chic

Glass Nail Trend

Shine Bright Like A Diamond With The Glass Nail Manicure

In the realm of beauty, inspiration knows no boundaries, and one source that has consistently fascinated us with its sophistication is Korean beauty. With a penchant for next-level skincare rituals like glass skin and cloudless skin, as well as the constant sharing of stunning nail art, Korean beauty trends have found an ardent following all over t

Spaghetti Pancakes

Level Up Your Boring Breakfast With The Viral Pancake Spaghetti

Ladies and gentlemen, gather ‘round the breakfast table, for we have a treat that’s straight out of the imagination of Barbieland: Pancake Spaghetti! Yes, you read that right. Forget dalgona coffee and custard toast; this trend is the latest star on TikTok, and it’s here to satisfy your cravings for something uniquely delicious! So, what exactly is

Girl Dinner Food Trend

Decoding The Viral 'Girl Dinner’ Food Trend

In recent times, an intriguing and seemingly light-hearted food trend has taken the Internet by storm, capturing the imagination of millions and sparking lively debates across social media platforms. Welcome to the world of ‘Girl Dinner,’ a culinary phenomenon that has become synonymous with simplicity, minimal effort, and a pinch of humour. But be